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Hiring a lawyer you love to guide your estate planning decisions now and to ensure your family is supported throughout life and beyond can be easy and straightforward. We promise to deliver the counsel you need, the legal planning you want, and a relationship you can trust, at a price you can afford.

Family Wealth Planning Session

The Family Wealth Planning Session is a two-hour working meeting (or two 60-minute meetings) during which we will guide you to look at everything you own (your assets), everyone you love (your family dynamics), and what will happen to all of it when something happens to you (your legacy).

Then you will tell us what matters to you most about your life and legacy, and together we will design the most effective and affordable plan for you and the people you love.

The fee for this meeting is $750.

If you would like us to waive the Planning Session fee, all you need to do is commit to getting a little educated and completing your “Legacy Architects Map" before our meeting, and submitting it at least 48 hours before your meeting so we make the best use of our time together.

If you would prefer to not submit homework ahead of time, you are welcome to pay for the Family Wealth Planning Session and we will credit the Planning Session fee to any additional work we do together after the Planning Session.

We do recommend you attend one of our free trainings prior to your Family Wealth Planning Session, and we will reward you with $1,000 toward your work with us if you do.

Free 15-Minute Phone Consult

Or if you aren’t sure what will be best for you, schedule a 15-minute consultation call during which we can talk with you to determine your next best step.


Family Wealth Planning Session

During our first meeting together, you will feel more organized than ever before because you will have a complete list of your assets ready for family in case of any emergency. Plus, we will review the state’s default plan for you, and if you do not prefer that, we will review how to get the right plan in place for you and your family.

Review and Finalize Your Choices

After your planning session, we will send you a complete list of all of the choices and decisions you made about your estate plan. This includes a list of your key people named as guardians, executors, powers of attorney, and trustees, along with other important decisions we discussed together. You will have the opportunity to do a review and then finalize everything so that we can start drafting your plan.

Sign Your Personalized Estate Plan

During your signing “ceremony” (yes it is official-feeling!), we will review all of your legal documents together and we will point out exactly where we personalized important legal language specific to your family and decisions. If we meet in-office, we will arrange the notary and witnesses for you. If we meet virtually, we will print and mail your full estate plan to you for signing and easy return back to us so that we can process everything.

Fund Your Living Trust

The most important step of any estate planning process is to make sure you have updated ownership and beneficiaries of your assets in alignment with your Last Will or Living Trust. We go over exactly how you do this, both for your existing assets as well as new assets you acquire over time. Once you fund your Living Trust, you can rest assured knowing everything will pass to your family just how you intend.

Record Your Family Wealth Legacy Interview

The hallmark of an estate plan created with your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer is our Family Wealth Legacy Interview process. We will give you ideas on things you want to record in a loving video for posterity, including important values for your children or loved ones, what matters most to you, words of wisdom, and anything you want your family to know about your final wishes.

Inform Your Key People About Your Plan

And after your plan is complete, you want to make sure the key people named in your plan have exactly what they need to act in both an emergency and also for any ongoing administration of your estate. We help you inform the key people with the right information at the right time so that they are not caught off guard if and when anything happens to you.

Check In Over Your Lifetime

Finally, what matters most to us is that we maintain a lifelong relationship with you over time. We know your life will change and the law will change. Your estate plan is not a “one and done” task – it is an evolving responsibility to your family and loved ones. We help make sure that you know exactly when your plan might be disrupted based on life events and the law by staying in touch with you over time and being here for you to update your plan when you need it.

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My goal is to be your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best personal, financial, and legal decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. I want to help you not just now, but also when you can’t be there so that I can help guide your loved ones through a difficult process.

In short, my sole focus is to help families avoid collapse attr the death or disability of a loved one.I want you to know you’ve made a big step toward peace of mind simply by reading this.

A s your Personal Family Lawyer ® I’d love to start protecting the people you love and everything else you care about today. I look forward to meeting you!

What are Corlandos’s Clients Saying?

Pascal and I are very very happy and satisfied by your help and the way you handled all this. This is a true releif and we can now focus on more positive things such as our wonderful surrogate and our babies!!! 

Once again, we will recommend California and your law firm for all our friends who are interested in going through this journey. You were a big help and we can not be grateful enough.


I'm extremely excited and so grateful for your help and guidance. And for your positive influence.

I've never been so grateful to you because not only have you been my attorney, but a therapist of sorts. You've been so kind and helpful I can't wait to have you to do baby number two.

There’s no better time than today.

We’ll make it easy and affordable toput your Life and Legacy Plan in place. Whether your estate plan needs a will or a trust or some other solution, we’ll go beyond the documents to care for who and what you love.

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